Sunday Service

Kanye West

Kanye West Called Out Over Brunchella VIP Scam

from rhymeswithsnitch Last week Kanye West raised eyebrows after adding a brunch to his previously free Sunday Service and charging $49.99 or $100 for VIP access for his sermon in Baton Rouge [click here if you missed that]. Fans who paid the money were NOT impressed.... Apparently the food was...
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WATCH: Kanye's Sunday Service From Howard

Just in case you missed Kanye West's Sunday Service from Howard over the weekend, here are some highlights
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Kanye West Starting His Own Church?

from rhymeswithsnitch After the success of his Coachella Sunday Service insiders claim Kanye West is seriously considering starting his own church... From People Magazine Kanye West‘s Easter version of his Sunday Service at the second weekend of Coachella drew massive crowds — and inspired West to...
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Kanye's Sunday Service Merch Was Expensive

Did you see the price that was being charged for Kanye's 'Sunday Service' merchandise? MORE
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Kanye West Sunday Service

Kanye West Took Everyone to Church on Sunday, Then Charged $225 for Commemorative Sweatshirts

Inside Yeezy's 'Sunday Service' at Coachella
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