rolling loud

WATCH: Travis Scott Falls During Concert Injures Knee

According to TMZ, while he was performing "Butterfly Effect" during the Rolling Loud festival, Travis Scott fell and injured his knee to the point he could barely move MORE
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Kodak black

Kodak Black Arrested at Rolling Loud

from rhymeswithsnitch Last month rapper Kodak Black was arrested on weapons charges after accidentally crossing the Canadian border with guns [click here if you missed that>. Last night Kodak was arrested on weapons charges at Rolling Loud in Miami... Sources confirm rapper Kodak Black has just...
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lil wayne

Lil Wayne Bails on Rolling Loud

from rhymeswithsnitch Rapper Lil Wayne bails on the Rolling Loud after being ordered to go through security... To all my fans who came to see me at Rolling Loud, I’m sorry but I won’t be performing. The Festival Police (Not Rolling Loud) made it mandatory that I had to be policed and checked to get...
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