Rich the Kid

Offset Checks YBN Almighty Jay Over Rich The Kid Beef

from rhyjmeswithsnitch Earlier this week teen rapper YBN Almighty Jay inexplicably threatened his Rich Forever label boss Rich the Kid. Offset from Migos just jumped into the skirmish... Yesterday Offset from Migos Tweeted, "Don't beef wit Rich the Kid it comes with a chimney" along with a few...
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Rich the Kid's Wife Files for Divorce

from rhymeswithsnitch Last week rapper Rich the Kid's wife hacked his Instagram and exposed his affair with former stripper Blac Chyna. Rich's wife files for divorce... According to reports Antonette Willis filed a petition for divorce from Dimitri Roger March 21, 2019. Antonette, a former member...
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Rich the Kid and YBN Almighty Jay Shade Blac Chyna

from rhymeswithsnitch Earlier this week rapper Rich the Kid's estranged wife exposed his affair with former stripper Blac Chyna claiming Chyna's hook-up with Rich's artist YBN Almighty Jay was just a cover up [click here if you missed that>. In totally unrelated news, Rich and Jay just shaded TF...
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