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Raz B Releases a Statement

from rhymeswithsnitch Yesterday B2K's Raz B was arrested on domestic violence charges in Minneapolis [click here if you missed that] Raz releases a statement... Read more »
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Raz B Arrested For Domestic Violence

According to Hennepin County Jail, on Wednesday morning, Raz B was arrested for domestic assault by strangulation MORE
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Raz B Quits the Millennium Tour Over Chris Stokes Involvement Bout Now--- He's Back

from rhymeswithsnitch Years ago B2K member Raz B came out and accused their manager Chris Stokes and his cousin Marquis Houston of sexually abusing him while he was underage [click hereand here if you missed that>. Last night Raz announced he was leaving the B2K reunion tour because Chris Stokes...
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