Blac Chyna Accuses Kardashians of Using Her Daughter for Ratings

From Ryhnes With Snitch: This week news leaked that Rob Kardashian was blocking his daughter with Blac Chyna from appearing on Chyna's new reality show on the Zeus network [click here if you missed that]. Chyna accuses Rob and the Kardashians of using Dream to prop up their failing family reality...
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oj simpson

OJ Simpson Took A Stab At Twitter, Denies Smashing Kris Jenner’s Cakes And Says Khloe Is NOT His Daughter

From Bossip: It’s really time for someone to pull the plug on simulation. For some reason, OJ Simpson has joined Twitter. Not only that, but he’s shown a complete inability to understand how Twitter works. Instead of typing out his thoughts, he’s having someone record videos of him giving mini-...
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Blac Chyna Accuses Kardashians of Sabotage

from rhymeswithsntich Last year Blac Chyna filed a lawsuit against the Kardashians accusing them of canceling her reality show on E! after she broke up with Rob Kardashian. Now Blac Chyna is accusing the Kardashians of keeping her from becoming the face of the Lifetime network... From The Blast...
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