Jay Z

Beyonce x Jay Z

The Greenprint: Try Going Vegan and You Could Win Beyoncé and Jay Z Tickets for Life

How "Meatless Mondays" could get you to the 'On The Run 22' Tour
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Beyoncé x Jay Z

GRAMMY Awards: 5 Unforgettable Moments

The few of our favorites from Aretha to Kendrick
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Future Checked Jay Z Over Russell Wilson Lyric

from rhymeswithsnitch Two years ago Jay Z low key dissed rapper Future on the 4:44 track 'Kill Jay' where he made a clear reference to pop star Ciara leaving Future for NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, with a line about another man playing football with your son [click here if you missed that]...
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Thanks to Beyoncé the Louvre Broke Their Visitor Record in 2018

The Carters "APES**T" clip inspired a lot of new travelers
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Panic! At The Disco, Beyonce and JAY Z

HeadCount Reveals Which Tours Led to the Most Voter Registration

Nonpartisan organization HeadCount just revealed the list of the 10 tours with the biggest impact on voter registration.
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Meek Mill

Meek Mill Comes Through With Cardi B, Jay Z, And Drake On 'Championships'

The MC's post-prison release squashes beef and maybe pick sides
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Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyoncé Celebrates Tour: I’m Doing What I Love Most With Whom I Love Most

The On The Run II Tour is coming to a close
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Sean Combs

Diddy Is No Longer Hip Hop’s Highest Paid

Who took the top spot away from Sean Combs?
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Stage Crasher Taunts Beyoncé and Jay Z

from rhymeswithsnitch This week a stage crasher in Atlanta was arrested and charged with simple battery after jumping on stage and running toward Beyoncé and Jay Z at end of their show. The stage crasher speaks out after getting tackled by Bey and Jay's backup dancers... Read more »
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Jay-Z performs with Beyonce at 2018 Coachella

Beyoncé Laughs Off Stage Crasher

From RhymesWithSnitch , Last night Beyoncé and Jay Z were accosted by a stage crasher at the end of the show at On the Run II Tour stop in Atlanta. The next night Beyoncé was ready and closed out the show with a drop kick and the crane Kung-Fun stance. ---- A post shared by Beylite (@beylite2.0) on...
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