Europeans With No Ties to the U.S. Have Received $1,200 Stimulus Checks

While many Americans have reported delays in receiving their stimulus checks, some Europeans have erroneously received the payments in their bank accounts.
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Still Waiting on Your Stimulus Check? IRS Is Sending 'Catch-Up' Payments to 50,000 People

Those who are still waiting for a stimulus payment, don’t worry. The government agency announced earlier this week that it plans to send catch-up payments to 50,000 people. Read the full story now.
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Can Non-Filers Still Get Stimulus Money for Their Dependents?

The Internal Revenue Service is reopening registration for Americans who do not file income taxes, or make too little to file, in order to get supplemental $500 stimulus payments for their dependent children.
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Are Stimulus Checks Causing Tax Refunds to Be Delayed?

Are you still waiting on your tax refund? You’re not the only one. Many Americans have expressed frustration after waiting months for a tax refund instead of the usual 21 days. Find out what the IRS said about the delays.
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Are You Having Trouble With the IRS Website? Try All Caps

Are you having trouble accessing the IRS stimulus check website? You can try all caps when entering information on the website. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Mary J Blige

IRS Says Mary J. Blige Owes More Than $1 Million In Back Taxes

from bossip Queen Of Hip Hop Soul Accused Of Owing Big Money In Back Taxes The Internal Revenue Service says Mary J. Blige is once again facing major tax troubles. The IRS accused the “No More Drama” singer of owing it big time for back federal taxes – to the tune of more than $1 million, BOSSIP...
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