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oj simpson

OJ Simpson Took A Stab At Twitter, Denies Smashing Kris Jenner’s Cakes And Says Khloe Is NOT His Daughter

From Bossip: It’s really time for someone to pull the plug on simulation. For some reason, OJ Simpson has joined Twitter. Not only that, but he’s shown a complete inability to understand how Twitter works. Instead of typing out his thoughts, he’s having someone record videos of him giving mini-...
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lil wayne

Lil Wayne Demands Paternity Test

from rhymeswithsnitch Little Wayne demands a paternity test after being ordered to pay $5k a month in child support for a 15 year old boy from Louisiana... According to reports rapper Lil Wayne has filed legal docs asking a judge to order a paternity test to prove he is not the father of Keiotia...
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