Da Brat

Da Brat reveals her grandmothers loved Allen Iverson, but there was one problem

Da Brat got candid about her personal life during an interview with ‘Real Housewives’ star Kandi Burruss for her YouTube series ‘Speak On It.’ Detailing her past relationship NBA superstar, Allen Iverson, and why it “didn’t work out.”
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Da Brat Shares Why She Came Out, After 20 Years of Silence

What has always been known about rapper Da Brat, is that she keeps her private life close to heart. But that all changed this past March when she shared a social media post of an extravagant gift given by her significant other.
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Bankruptcy Filing Wont Save Da Brat

Rhymeswithsnitch This week news leaked that Atlanta rapper Da Brat had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to avoid paying a $6.4 million judgment to former professional cheerleader Shayla Stevens for smashing Shayla in the face with a bottle of rum at Jermaine Dupri's 2007 Halloween party Not so fast...
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