Chris Brown

Chris Brown Invites the World to a Yard Sale at His Mansion

Most celebrities go to great lengths to keep their personal information a secret. Not Chris Brown . He blasted his full address to the world in order to advertise a yard sale at his home that we’re all apparently invited to. The artistic flyer posted to Brown’s social media accounts announced the...
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Will Chris Brown and Drake Star in a New Movie Together?

( 97.1 AMP ) - Legendary movie and music video director Chris Robinson talked to AMP Morning Show's Edgar & Chelsea about working with Chris Brown and Drake behind the scenes on the "No Guidance" music video. And it turns out, the trio may have plans for a feature-length project down the line...
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Vanessa Carlton Blasts Chris Brown For Posting Her Music

from bossip Chris Brown Gets Blasted For International Women’s Day Post Vanessa Carlton and Chris Brown are two names most of us probably thought we’d never hear in the vicinity of one another, but here we are… On Thursdays, Chris Brown celebrated International Women’s Day by posting up some music...
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