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King Petty Is Back At It Again

The Trolling Master himself,50 Cent is back at it again.......The victim this time,Shad Moss aka Bow Wow.Comedian Lil'Duval refers to Fif as the Hip Hop Loanshark.A lot of folks owes 50 let him tell it.Sources say Fif gave a few of his friends some money to tip some dancers at an Atlanta strip club...
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Bruh........ Don't Eat And Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rapper and Actor Shad Moss aka Bow Wow supposedly sought out personal chef Dwain Ferguson Jr and asked him to cook for him and his team as well as guests for a get together in his hotel suite at the W.The chef did his part and cooked for everyone and was told to come back and cash out the next day...
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