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Lil Wayne Walks Out on Blink 182 Tour

from rhymeswithsnitch Last night Lil Wayne cut his set short and announced he was leaving the Blink 182 Tour... FULL VIDEO of #lilwayne saying this might be his last night on the #blink182 tour. He says "please forgive me I'm not used to performing in front of a crowd that looks like this" He says...
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Lil Wayne Storms Off Stage After Announcing He 'Might' Quit Blink-182 Tour

Rough going for Blink-182 & Lil Wayne Tour. It started off with delays and now just two weeks in it looks like Lil Wayne may be done, or at least that's what (finger quotes) "reports" are. Rap legend Lil Wayne and alt rock pioneers Blink-182 teamed up for one of the most unexpected pairings of...
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