bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential Campaign

Bernie Sanders tapped out...
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Bernie Sanders Wants All The Smoke

Legalize marijuana nationally?! oh ok........Let's Go Bernie Lets GO! -------- We must legalize marijuana nationally, expunge past marijuana convictions and ensure revenue from legal marijuana is reinvested in the communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs. — Bernie Sanders (@...
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WATCH: Cardi B Sits Down w/ Bernie Sanders

In case you missed it, Cardi and Bernie had a one on one at the TEN Nail Bar in Detroit to discuss serious issues in the country Video of Bernie x Cardi B
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Cardi B arrives at the The 2018 MAXIM Party

Cardi B Sits Down with Bernie Sanders

from rhymeswithsnitch Rapper Cardi B interviews presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders... Cardi asked Bernie Sanders what he intends to do about police brutality in Black communities if he is elected president. Video of Bernie x Cardi B
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Why Bernie Sanders Feels He Should Replace Trump As President

Video of Bernie Sanders Talks Reparations, Prison Reform And His Black Agenda Senator Bernie Sanders stops by the Breakfast Club
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