Listen for Your Name to Pick a Present on The Beat!

"Pick Your Present is BACK!" We’re going to start announcing winners on December 2nd! You can win Smart TVs, Gaming systems, wireless headphones, and so much more, but first, you have to get registered below!

Here's how it works: 

Each weekday we will announce a name at 10:10am on 106.5 The Beat! If it's YOUR name, you have 30 minutes to call in and "Pick a Present (Box A, B, or C)!"

If you DON'T call in time, another name will be announced on air at 2:10pm. They will have 30 minutes to call in to "Pick a Present!"

So what if THEY don't answer? Another name will be mentioned on air at 6:10PM!

The game will restart the next week day at 10:10AM! 

Now get signed up! 


Gucci Mane/Atlantic Records

T.I./ Epic Records 

Juicy J/ Columbia Records

Interscope Records