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Bow Wow Borrows Money From 50 Cent

from rhymeswithsnitch Over the past few weeks rapper 50 Cent earned a new reputation as a ruthless loan shark after publicly calling in debts from Power executive producer Randall Emmett and actors Jackie Long and Rotimi. Looks like is Bow Wow is the latest mark to borrow money from 50... Read more... Read More

Lee Daniels Stopped Talking to Jussie Smollett

from rhymeswithsnitch Back in January director Lee Daniels was the first person to jump to actor Jussie Smollett's defense after he claimed to have been attacked by racist homophobes in Chicago in what later turned out to be a hoax. Lee admits he is beyond embarrassed and has stopped talking to... Read More

DJ Khaled Shuts Down Comments After Billboard Chart Meltdown

from rhymeswithsnitch This week DJ Khaled made it to no.1 on the Billboard chart after throwing a hissy fit last week because his new album "Father of Ashad" debuted at no.2 behind Tyler the Creator's "Igor". Khaled gloats over his victory and is forced to shut off his comments... Read more » Read More

Big Papi Expected To Make A Full Recovery

Earlier this week,former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was shot in the lower back inside a nightclub in his native Dominican Republic.Sources also report that Ortiz was shot by 2 cops hired by a Dominican Republic druglord who believed Big Papi was having an affair with his wife. Read More

Nicki Jumps Off Breezy's Tour!!!!!!!!!!!

In April,Chris Brown announced that he and Nicki Minaj would be co-headlinig his upcoming Indigoat Tour.That was then....For some reason,the Black Barbie's name was left off the latest press release which includes Chris Brown,Torey Lanez,Ty Dolla $ign,Joyner Lucas and Yella Beezy. Read More

Kevin Hart Sued for Assault and Battery

from rhymeswithsnnitch Comedian Kevin Hart sued for assault and battery after his bodyguard roughs up an innocent bystander... From The Blast According to documents obtained by The Blast, a woman named Carmen Marrero is suing Hart, along with his company Hartbeat Productions and an unknown security... Read More

Cardi B Posted How her Feet Were Swollen After Surgeries

Cardi B is definetly a real one. She posted the photo of her feet, showing how they were swollen, after cosmetic surgeries. Now this was definetly a reason to delay the tour. So any none believers out there, the feet dont lie. Cardi thanks again for keeping it G!!!!!!!! Read More