For a Steep Price, You Can Now Buy Used VHS Tapes From Urban Outfitters

A curated pack of the low quality video tapes

February 19, 2019
3 black VHS video tapes lying diagonally on a bright pink and blue background.

© Farawayphoto |

The sole review on Urban Outfitter's new VHS 5-pack gives one star, describing it as “a whole new low for this capitalist site.” 

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Urban Outfitters is known for carrying trendy hipster fashion, offering a wide selection of clothes, and taking thifty things and making them way too expensive.

The brand is super smart, capitalizing on trends and giving them to buyers in an accessible and attractive package. The latest addition to their “we probably just bought this at Goodwill” section is a five-pack of used VHS tapes… for $40. Being retro comes at a price!

The mystery pack comes bundled by genre and offers buyers 5 random VHS tapes classified as horror, ‘80s romance, ‘90s comedy,  ‘00s romcom, and sci-fi. Described as a curated selection exclusively for Urban, each set will be unique. The aesthetic is fun and matches the recent boost in cassette tape sales, but, in practice, the set is borderline offensive.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, click here. Otherwise, “curate” your own pack by supporting your local thrift store, that likely sells VHS tapes for $1 each.