Post Malone Gets a Gift From the Bud Light Knight

We should have seen this coming

April 1, 2019

You might remember the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial above. It's the one where everything was business as usual for Bud L. Knight, until things took a dark turn. After losing in a joust, Game Of Thrones monster The Mountain came to the character on the ground, removing his helmet for a scream-inducing squeeze on the hero. His death was eventually avenged by a dragon, and then it was back to football.

The Bud Light x Game Of Thrones mashup was a favorite of the big game, but it left a lot of questions. Like who would be given all that Bud L. Knight left behind? Okay, maybe that wasn't a question, but we have an answer anyway. On Saturday the beer brand released the Knight's "Last Will and Testament", in which we learn that this helmet has been bequeathed to his "loyal friend" Post Malone.

On Sunday, Posty graciously accepted the gift from his deceased friend, donning the helmet and tweeting "rip bud knight, you will be missed." It's a friendship that lives on through eternity.

As a reminder, Malone has a long history with Bud Light beyond backstage beer pong matches. Last year, the "Wow" singer took part in The Bud Light Dive Bar Tour with a stop in Nashville. Pour one out for Bud L. Knight and enjoy a performance of "Psycho" from that show below.

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