It's Official: Iggy Azalea to Release 'Surviving the Summer' in July

The Australian rapper's sophomore release is finally ready

June 12, 2018

Mario Santoro/AdMedia

It's been a wild half decade for Iggy Azalea, filled with an awful lot of highs and lows.

In just five years, Azalea has gone from an unknown Australian MC, to dropping The New Classic, to complete uncertainty regarding new music. However, we may be ready to close the door on the past. Azalea took to Twitter to make what we're calling an official announcement.

The new record, Surviving the Summer, will likely feature her latest single, "Savior," featuring Quavo of Migos. Earlier this year, we had the chance to catch up with Azalea to play a little game where we asked her to describe Quavo and some of the other famous people she's worked with... using only 3 Words: