Cardi B Rocks Diamond-Studded Pepsi Can in #SBLIII Commercial Teaser

Okurrr, but how can we get that can?

January 25, 2019

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that Cardi B will star in a Super Bowl commercial this year, right? 

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After all, she did have a pretty impressive 2018, culminating in a handful of GRAMMY Award nominations. So, why not!

Our thing though, after watching that commerical teaser (that's apparently a thing now) above isn't so much Cardi, or Pepsi, or even the commerical, really. Nah, our thing is that can! A diamond-studded Pepsi can?!?! How do we get our hands on that thing? 

Well, maybe the commercial will fill the world in on a Pepsi plan to offer limited-time-only diamond cans? Or not. Either way, can't hurt to dream about it, In the meantime, we'll just keep thinking about it as we wait for the big game on February 3 to see the full commerical.