Watch Teaser for BET's Don Cornelius-Inspired 'American Soul' Series

Take a 10-episode ride through two decades of 'Soul Train'

December 3, 2018

Throughout the 1970s and '80s, there was really only one man with his finger on the pulse of African-American culture in the United States... And that man was Soul Train host Don Cornelius.  

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For 22 years, 734 television episodes, both Soul Train and Cornelius were the biggest things going in the music world. From soul to funk to disco to hip-hop, music stars simply weren't stars until they made it onto Soul Train. The show's initial run with Cornelius served as a jumping off point for hundreds of singers and performers who would go on to have huge careers.

To honor this incredible story and legacy, BET will launch a 10-episode series in February focused on the rise of Cornelius, as the voice of an entire culture, and the show, which was revered as the preeminent source for black music, style, and more. Check out this trailer shared by Quest Love the other day:    

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Don Cornelius died of suicide back in 2012. It's believed that Cornelius was suffering from serious health ailments before he took his own life.

Cornelius will be played by Singua Walls. His son, Tony, will serve as an executive producer. American Soul debuts in February.