Pay Up Scottie!!!!!!!!!!

July 29, 2019

Last year Larsa Pippen filed for divorce from retired Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen after he caught her cheating with rapper Future .

In totally unrelated news, Scottie just got sued by his secret side chick ...
According to reports Scottie Pippen is being sued for travel expenses he promised to repay his alleged side piece back when they were together from 1987 till 1993.

Yes, this person is suing Scottie over a 26-year-old debt.

Chyvette Valentine claims she followed Scottie from city to city when he played for the Bulls and is seeking $9,999.00 to cover hotel, car rentals, gas, food and parking fees she racked up during their romance.

Valentine also claims she didn't know Scottie was married at the time.