Girl Scout Cookies x Cardi B

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Girl Scout Channels Inner-Cardi B for Cookie Rap That Makes "Money"

By Lizzy

February 6, 2019

This Girl Scout is going places. 

Kayla "Kiki" Paschall is a 10-year-old self-described entrepreneur-in-training who has found a creative way to sell her cookies. In her now-viral rap set to Cardi B's 'Money,' Kiki raps “Black girl magic, you know the deal, communities served, leadership skills."

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In the chorus, she reps the cookies. “Thin Mints are the best, Savannah Smiles delish, Do-si-dos are all bliss. Tagalongs divine, toffee-tastic blows my mind, hey that really rhymes."

Twitter loved her creative approach so much that she was retweeted nearly 20,000 times in two days. Turns out that people love Cardi and cookies, as her mom says that "past years haven't been as successful as this one."

Troop 3246 girls are all cookie bosses! 12,000 plus boxes ordered and only about 4,000 left in our inventory....and it's only been 4 days!!! Troop 3246 is about their "Money". We will use it to have a little fun and serve our community. These girls (and parents) are absolutely amazing. #troop3246 #money #cardib #girlscoutcookies #gsgla @iamcardib @theellenshow @mustard @therealdaytime @willsmith

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According to an Instagram post by Troop3246, there were 12,000 plus boxes ordered and only about 4,000 left in our inventory within a "4 day" span. The best part is, Cardi even took notice by sharing her video and writing "I want all the cookies."

We hope she bought a ton of boxes! Go get 'em Kiki!