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Bun B Has A Shootout With An Intruder

April 25, 2019

from rhymeswithsntic

UGK rapper Bun B has a shoot-out with a home invader in Houston...


Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, fired at the masked robber, who had pulled a gun on his wife when she answered the door around 5:45 p.m., police said. 

The robber -- later identified as Demonte Alif Jackson -- forced his way inside and held Queen Freeman at gunpoint, according to attorney Charles Adams.

She begged the suspect not to kill her and offered him the keys to her car.

Bun B heard the disturbance from upstairs, grabbed his gun and confronted Jackson, who was sitting inside his wife's Audi.

They exchanged gunfire and the suspect jumped out of the Audi and took off.

Police say Bun B chased him and was able to pull his mask off, but the robber got away.

Jackson was later arrested at a Pearland hospital, police said. He had been shot in his left shoulder.

Neither Bun B nor his wife were hurt in the altercation but both are shaken up.