Young Dro Arrested For Throwing A Plate Of Banana Pudding At His Girlfriend

July 22, 2019

USA Today

from shaderoom

According to TMZ, Young Dro was arrested a few weeks back for allegedly throwing a plate of banana pudding at his girlfriend during an argument at their Atlanta home.

The incident reportedly happened on July 5th, as the couple had been arguing over money. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ things started to go left and the two started assaulting one another with food.

Cops were called to the scene, and Dro was unfortunately arrested. He is now facing two counts of misdemeanor battery and family violence.

Although this was some weeks ago, Dro is still behind bars. Law enforcement sources say he’s also being held on a child support contempt order. According to legal documents, Dro owes almost $41k in back child support, and needs today at least $10k to be a free man.

Sources tell TMZ the child support charges have been brought up by one of Dro’s other baby mothers. He claims there must be some sort of “clerical error” because he is all caught up on his payments.

As of now, Dro will remain behind bars until his payments are sorted out. There are no current updates on his girlfriend, besides the fact that she did not want to press charges on him for their little food fight.

I you don’t remember Young Dro, you might want to think back to 2006 when everybody in Atlanta was making their shoulder lean! Do dropped. that track featuring T.I. and had us all leaning back and forth.

Hopefully this situation pans out for Dro!