The Game Celebrates 40th Birthday and Retirement

December 2, 2019

from TMZ

The Game is officially out of the game ... according to the rapper himself who celebrated his 40th birthday and his retirement on the same night.

We got Game Friday night outside the Sunset Room in Hollywood where he was NOT feeling his oats. Game told us 40 isn't feeling all that old ... due to his diet. Still, he acknowledged he's damn lucky to have lived into his 4th decade.

We'll admit it ... we might have soured the birthday guy's night a little by asking him about his homie, Wack 100's recent comment that Nipsey Hussle shouldn't be considered a legend. Watch the clip, because Game makes it 100 percent clear ... Wack doesn't speak for him.

Now, if you want to give him the legend label -- Game's cool with that, and told us he's satisfied with his stats, so, "it's time to live a little." He's hinted at it before, but last night he stated strongly ... he IS retiring.

As for the Nipsey "legend" question ... we did get Wack heading into the bash, and he was happy to explain why he said what he said.

Check the video HERE