Teairra Mari's Blood Alcohol Level Way Over the Legal Limit

June 26, 2019

USA Today

from rhymeswithsnith 

Over the weekend struggling artist Teairra Mari was arrested for DUI in New York after she was caught driving on three wheels through the midtown tunnel at 3am.

Details from her arrest have been made public...

According to reports Teairra Mari blew 0.304 on her breathalyzer, three times the legal limit, and had a can of Four Loko and an open bottle of Ketel One Vodka on the front seat of her car. Teairra was also driving without a license and is supposed to have a device on her car to measure her blood alcohol level before it will start.

Teairra was booked on DWI, violation of court-ordered ignition interlock, illegal tinted windows, illegal operation of a vehicle, unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle and a slew of other charges.