Russell Simmons Suing Rape Accuser

August 10, 2018
Russell Simmons


from rhymeswithsnitch

Back in March an anonymous woman came forward with shocking claims that Russell Simmons threatened to rape her son if she did not submit to his sexual advances.

Now Russell is suing the accuser for filing a frivolous lawsuit against him...

According to reports Russell Simmons filed a lawsuit against Jane Doe earlier this month seeking $35,000 for fees and costs incurred fighting her "baseless and improper claim."

Russell calls Jane Doe's accusations outrageous and fictional and claims she only filed the lawsuit to extort a settlement and get publicity for her lawyer.

From The Blast

The woman claimed in her lawsuit that she took her kid to a hip-hop concert, where Simmons approached her and invited them backstage. She claimed he invited her to an afterparty at a hotel nearby, which she went to after dropping off her son.

Once at his hotel room, she alleged he closed the door and said, “I’m going to f*** you.” When she protested, she claims he told her, “I am going to f*** you or I’m going to f*** your son. You decide.”

She claims he then threw her on the bed and raped her. The lawsuit is seeking $10 million in damages.

Russell Simmons denied the woman’s story and said the statute of limitations had already passed and demanded the case be thrown out.