Rick Ross Wins Child Support Case

March 23, 2018


frm rhymeswithsnitch

For years Rick Ross and his baby mama Tia Kemp have been battling over child support.

Tia's latest request for an increase has been shut down...

According to reports Tia's request for an $18,000 a month increase in child support has been denied after the judge sided with Rick Ross.

Tia argued that Ross is making more money than when the original $2,800 a month support order was put in place and also that their son needs therapy to deal with being abandoned by his father.

Ross countered that Tia could not prove his income had increased and accused her of being voluntarily unemployed while living off child support.

Ross insisted there was nothing wrong with their son and that Tia is also financially responsible for taking care of their child.

The judge agreed and the case has been closed.