Popeyes Chicken Life Hack

September 13, 2019

USA Today

from tmz

If ya can't get the recipe for Popeyes' stupidly popular chicken sandwich, here's the next best thing -- a tasty loophole to get around the national shortage, and all ya need is some buns, hun!!!

The chicken joint tells us it's really simple to recreate the taste of their sando, which became a cultural phenomena when it debuted last month. We're told if you stop by a Popeyes with a bun of your own, order a 3-piece tender. Put 'em in between the bread and ... voila!!!

Think BYOB ... for buns.

As you know ... Popeyes sold out of their sandwiches in stores across the country only days after igniting an all-out chicken war with Chick-fil-A. They thought they had enough inventory to get them through September, but it wasn't even close due to the insane public response.