Nicki Minaj Stole Philly Rapper's Flow?

September 3, 2019

USA Today


from rhymeswithsnitch

I like sidity bitches who be with the business ----‍♀️

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Philadelphia underground rapper Muff accuses Nicki Minaj of stealing her flow and pulls the receipts...
On July 1, 2019 @Philly.Muuff shared bars on Instagram with the caption, "I like siddity b**ches who be with the business..."

On August 16 Pop Smoke released the remix to 'Welcome to the Party' ft. Nicki Minaj with a VERY similar flow and lyrics.

Muff wasn't having it and called Nicki out.

----‍♀️ recorded this shit end of June and posted on July 1st, but I’m not even bouta be hype. ---- I’m still a fan. this shit just fishy lmfao Crystal Muuff 2 bouta drop, who ready? #CM2

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