Mystikal Rejects Plea Deal

March 4, 2019

USA Today

from rhymeswithnsnitch

Back in December Louisiana rapper Mystikal pleaded not guilty to rape and kidnapping charges in Shreveport, La.

Mystikal just rejected his plea deal...

From TMZ

The rapper’s lawyer Joel Pearce told TMZ that he recently met with Louisiana prosecutors and they offered what seems like a “sweet deal.” 

They offered to reduce the aggravated rape charge, which carries a life sentence, to a simple third-degree rape- which carries a 25-year maximum sentence. They would also agree to drop the second-degree kidnapping charge.

In exchange, Mystikal would have to plead guilty to felony simple rape-which his attorney says he’s unwilling to do. 

Mystikal and his defense team contend that the alleged victim in the case is lying and has major credibility issues, so they’re willing to take their chances and let the case play out in court. 

The trial is scheduled to start in May.