Lori Harvey's Attempted Car Jacking Caught on Video

February 10, 2020

USA Today


from rhymeswithsnitch

Over the weekend comedian Steve Harvey's step-daughter Lori Harvey outsmarted would be car jackers in Atlanta after simply walking away from her Rolls Royce with her key fob in her hand, making it impossible for the robbers to get away with her car.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video...

In the video you see Lori in a parking structure getting out of her Rolls Royce Cullinan and walking to the truck of the car. As she gets out you can see the assailant pop out from his hiding place next to the car and then attempt to jump in the drivers seat. Lori runs from the trunk, struggles with the car jacker from a moment, and then calmly walks away as a second vehicle pulls up, a person jumps out and helps the other robber rifle through Lori's trunk before making their getaway.