List Of NFL Teams That Will Participate In Kap's Workout

November 15, 2019
Colin Kaepernick

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from bossip

from bossip


NFL Release List Of Teams Attending Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick‘s impromptu NFL workout has been surrounded by shadiness, cynicism, and side-eyes from the very beginning. 

Yesterday we reported that #7 would be getting an official shot to get back into the league but the conditions are not exactly ideal. The workout is in Atlanta on Saturday as opposed to the industry standard Tuesday and there was a concern that many teams would not be able to attend because they are preparing for games on Sunday afternoon.

Adding to the suspicion was the NFL’s refusal to share the names of teams that WOULD be attending to watch Colin do his thing. 

However, just moments ago, the NFL did, in fact, release a list of teams who will be in attendance.