Lil Yachty Denies Bouncing Checks

November 6, 2019

USA Today


from rhymeswithsnitch

Last week celebrity jeweler Jon Guven called out Lil Yachty claiming the rapper owed him $200,000 and gave him a $70,000 check that bounced [click here if you missed that].

Now Big Boat is calling the jeweler a liar ...

In a video posted on Instagram Live Yachty tells his fans,

"First off I feel like niggas is playing with my name...If you want to talk about it, let's talk about it!" 

"I've paid Jon [Guven] over $900,000 and I got receipts because I don't carry cash. I pay everything with credit and checks." 

"So in the case that I wrote him a $70,000 check, first off, I don't write checks. My momma writes checks. I never wrote that man a check ever in my life. My mother wrote him a check a year ago for something that she was doing out of her bank account and she spelled his name wrong on the check. That's what happened. So he said don't worry about the check, I'll rip it up cause you spelled my name wrong, pay me differently. So my mama wired him and she never worried about the check." 

"Now when we got into it and he said I owed him for something that I felt like I didn't owe him for because he overpriced me for it, and I never paid on it, then he took that check from my mother's account and tried to cash it..."