Kodak Black Leaves Trail of Evidence After Shoot Out

May 21, 2019
Kodak black

USA Today

from rhymeswithsnitch

Earlier this month rapper Kodak Black was arrested in a raid at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami after an investigation involving ATF, Miami Dade Gang Unit and the US Marshalls [click here if you missed that].

Apparently Kodak was involved in a shoot out with a rival rapper in Pompano Beach and left an evidence trail leading straight to his front door...

From The Blast

In January, Kodak allegedly went to Lou’s Police Distributors in Hialeah, Florida and purchased a Century Arms Mini Draco Romanian pistol, a Sig MPXK9 9mm pistol and a Sig p238 .380 pistol.

He paid $3,518.71 for the guns, 100 rounds of ammunition and a double rifle case.

In March, he returned to Lou’s Police Distributors and purchased two more firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition. The guns in question were a Sig MCX Rattler 300 Blackout pistol and a Glock 43x 9mm.

One week later, on March 7, a shooting took place in Kodak’s neighborhood of Pompano Beach, FL. The documents claim a “rival rap artist” was the intended target, and several casings plus a loaded firearm were left at the scene by the shooters.

The gun left behind was the Sig MPXK9 pistol that Kodak had previously purchased, and a live round was lodged in the chamber after apparently jamming during the shooting.

Police dusted the weapon for fingerprints, which came back as a positive match for Kodak. In addition to the fingerprints, witnesses described two vehicles leaving the scene of the shooting, one of them being identified as a Porsche Panamera.

Turns out, investigators determined Kodak had rented a Porsche Panamera … which was equipped with a GPS system. Investigators pulled the log of the GPS system and confirmed Kodak had been driving through the same neighborhood as the shooting at the exact time it occurred.

They later found the vehicle abandoned with “severe vehicle damage.” Finally, officials say they have witnesses that put Kodak at the scene of the shooting.