Kandi Burruss Agrees to Record Xscape Album

September 12, 2019

USA today

from rhymeswithsnitch

Last year singer / songwriter Kandi Burruss dashed the hopes of Xscape fans everywhere after she refused to record another album with the group following their successful nostalgia tour [click here if you missed that>.

Kandi has had a change of heart...

Today Kandi announced that Mama Joyce convinced her to record at least one more album with Xscape.

A lot happened last week. I had to talk to my girls @sewjodie & @taetv about my ride with the Uber driver, My mom’s wish for #Xscape to do another album, East Point, & a biscuit... Go to my #YouTube Page KandiOnline to hear the whole convo. It’s hilarious! Are y’all ready for the new Xscape album?!

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