Jess Hilarious’ Sulky Sister Reveals She Went From Pre-Op Flatty To ‘BBL’ Cakes In Revenge Posts

June 17, 2019

From Bossip: 

Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore has been put on blast by her own sibling for getting her butt knifed up. According to a series of now-deleted social media posts, Jess’ sister is upset because the comedian fired her earlier this month. The older sister, known as Lady Raige on Instagram, posted up a “termination notice” concocted by Jess herself.

In a fit of rage, no pun intended, the sister then began to expose before and after photos of Jess’ surgical cakes and inappropriate photos from the day of her BBL surgery. Just foul!

Jess has denied having a “fake” butt in comments after fans noticed her body shape get curvier. She has admitted to getting a breast augmentation only. But everything her sister posted says that Jess was LYING.