Donald Trump Holding Juneteenth Rally in Tulsa

June 12, 2020

usa Today


from rhymeswithsnitch

On May 31, 1921 the white residents of Tulsa, OK descended on the Black part of town, one of the wealthiest Black enclaves in the United States at the time, killing hundreds of men, women and children and burning and looting businesses and homes alike. No one was ever prosecuted, the residents were never compensated and the area, known as Black Wall Street, would never recover.

In totally unrelated news, Donald Trump chose Tulsa, OK for his first rally following the COVID19 lockdown...

Adding insult to injury the rally will be held on June 19 which is traditionally celebrated as the date American slaves were finally emancipated in Texas, a full two years after the emancipation proclamation was issued in 1863.

Fun Fact: Donald Trump has not issued a statement regarding the Black Lives Matter protests against systemic racism currently spreading across the country.