Dave Chappelle Visits Kanye West in Wyoming, Following Twitter Rant

July 22, 2020

from TMZ

Kanye West has some company in Wyoming following his Twitter meltdown, but it's not his family checking in on him ... it's Dave Chappelle.

The rapper says Dave hopped on a jet to come see him "doing well" on the ranch, and called him a "God send and a true friend." The great, warm, friendly visit did come with one slightly awkward moment.

Kanye got Dave, and a few other friends there, to gather around for a video ... and then put the comedian on the spot to come up with something funny -- y'know, to make everyone laugh.

It was, apparently, pretty early in the day, 'cause Dave said he wasn't in funny mode yet, but watch ... of course they found their way to a punchline.

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