Bow Wow Releases Gloomy Album Track-List Then Makes Suicide Threats Online, Where Is Jermaine Dupri?

April 24, 2018

USA Today

from bossip

Bow Wow Continues To Talk Suicide On Twitter And In Music

Recently the internet hasn’t been getting the same boisterous, young veteran rap energy from Bow-Weezy, instead he’s been sharing morbid thoughts of suicide — but is he being for real?

Bow Wow released the track list to his project “Greenlight 6” last week with a handful of head scratching titles and then in the wee hours of last night, he made ANOTHER suicidal threat on twitter.

The little big dog usually has Jermaine Dupri in his corner, as well as Da Brat, Diddy, Snoop Dogg…and those folks haven’t even flinched publicly to show they’ve reached out. Further more, Bow Wow’s album includes song titles like “Death (I Wanna Die)” and “My Ex Is A Piece Of Sh*t (F*ck You Bitch) Interlude.