Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni's Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship Gets Physical

July 16, 2019

USA Today

from TheYbf

After seeing the absolute unfortunate-ness that went down on the premiere epiode of Blac Chyna's docueries, it explains a lot.  A LOT.  Watch the scene everyone is talking about in horror inside.

If you didn't think toxic mother existed, meet Tokyo Toni.  The look-a-like mother of Blac Chyna, who also was an exotic dancer alongside her daughter at one point, unleashed her wrath on Chyna after they came together for the first time in a long time.

If you follow her and her many accounts (because chick stays getting shut down) on Instagram, a lot of her actions may not surprise you.  But to see the total strain in her and Chyna's relationship play out was...sad.

Chyna invited her mother to her house to squash their issues.  But everything went left in a matter of minutes.  Production, assistants, everybody had to step in when bar stools and shoes and vases and wiggery went flying.

Chyna couldn't really get in a word during Tokyo's lashing, but it seemed like she was saying Tokyo left her early on in life and she ended up being raised by her grandmother.  The reality star still harbors some anger about that, understandably, and it doesn't help that Tokyo denies it all. 

There's also accusations of Tokyo putting her many husbands before her daughter, and Tokyo accuses her of taking back a car she bought her and leaving her with no way to get to work.  She screamed out at one point, "You stole my life!"