Beyoncé Headed Out on Tour?

April 22, 2019

USA Today

from rhymeswithsnitch

Sure sounds like it.

From The Sun 

BEYONCE will follow up her Homecoming Netflix documentary with an epic world tour next year.

The superstar, 37, broke the internet with her Netflix documentary about her comeback at Coachella - dubbed Beychella - after giving birth to twins.

Now the Sun Online can exclusively reveal she is already planning an epic world tour for 2020, which sources say will be her 'biggest yet'.

"Beyonce is a worker bee - one of the hardest grafters in the industry and she is already planning one of her biggest tours yet for next year," a source exclusively told The Sun Online.

"She will spend the rest of this year filming during the summer for Lion King and other projects, then taking a lot of downtime with Jay and the children."

"All the while she will be rehearsing, recording and writing new material ahead of her next tour."

Bey and her team have also been busy mentoring exciting new acts as well as her Beygood charity for young entrepreneurs, insiders revealed.

A source said: "This was supposed to be a 'year off' for Beyonce, but even though she's not touring right now she is still quietly planning how to give her fans the best show for next year."