Beyoncé and Jay Z Intentionally Overshadow Nas and Kanye West?

June 18, 2018
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On Thursday rapper Nas dropped his first album in 6 years which was entirely produced by Kanye West.

Did Beyoncé and Jay Z intentionally sabotage Nas's new release...?

The Internet is buzzing with the conspiracy theory that Beyoncé and Jay Z intentionally dropped their surprise joint album "Everything is Love" less than two days after Nas's "Nasir" in a low-key shady move to steal Nas and Kanye's shine.

Nicki Minaj fans were even floating the rumor that Nicki's album had been pushed back because Beyoncé warned her she was dropping. 

Fun Fact: Mathew Knowles used to be notorious for releasing Beyoncé buzz singles whenever her competitors released new music.