Bankruptcy Filing Wont Save Da Brat

August 24, 2018


This week news leaked that Atlanta rapper Da Brat had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to avoid paying a $6.4 million judgment to former professional cheerleader Shayla Stevens for smashing Shayla in the face with a bottle of rum at Jermaine Dupri's 2007 Halloween party

Not so fast...

From The Blast

Earlier this month, Da Brat filed for bankruptcy and listed her debt at almost $7 million — the majority being what she owes to Stevens. However, the hip-hop artist believed filing for bankruptcy put all her other cases on hold, including the millions of dollars she owes Stevens. She also claims she alerted the woman’s legal team that she had filed for bankruptcy.

Stevens and her legal team didn’t see it that way, and have been petitioning the court to order Da Brat to appear in court and turn over financial documents. They also want her held in contempt from skipping a previous hearing.

The 90’s star believes the woman and her attorneys are being unreasonable, so she filed for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction to stop Stevens from her trying to collect on the millions.