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Filling glass with tap water. Modern faucet and sink.

1THING: Simple Ways to Use Less Water

Water is a precious natural resource that can easily be taken for granted by people who have readily available, instant access to clean and safe water every day. Some people aren’t so lucky. Per data UN (United Nations) Water data , 1.2 billion people lack access to safely-managed drinking water... Read More
Cute dog asking for food. Maltese, dinner.

What Thanksgiving Scraps Can I Give My Dog?

I know, I know. It's nearly impossible to ignore those cute little eyes and the little fake cries of a pet who just wants a bite (or 10) of what ever is on your plate. However, especially this time of year, there are some things floating around the dinner table that will make your friend extremely... Read More
Cardi B, Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event

Cardi B Achieves Dream of Buying Her Mom a Lavish House

Cardi B is a family woman, switching her focus to daughter Kulture after recently having her first child with Offset and always striving to give back to the people who have been there for her from the beginning. After buying her mom a $600,000 house just about a year ago, Cardi is already upgrading... Read More

Birdman Suing for Return of Personal Items Lost to Foreclosure

from rhymeswithsnitch Back in January Cash Money CEO Bryan 'Birdman' Williams lost his Miami mansion to foreclosure [click here if you missed that]. Now Birdman is suing to get back personal belongings left inside the house.... From The Blast Birdman says the property includes old stereo... Read More

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Tie the Knot?

from rhymeswithsnitch Last week there were rumors that rapper Travis Scott and his baby mama Kylie Jenner were engaged [click here if you missed that]. Did Travis and Kylie take the next step...? Could be. Over the weekend Travis described Kylie as "his beautiful wife" in concert. Video of Travis... Read More

Blac Chyna Headed to Africa to Sell Skin Whitening Cream

from rhymeswithsnitch Last month Blac Chyna was spotted in LA with Nigerian singer and skin whitening mogul Dencia [click here if you missed that>. Now we know why... Blac Chyna and Dencia have partnered together to launch Blac Chyna's own skin bleaching cream. Lagos Nigeria, join me at the first... Read More