Woman Takes Selfie While Black Bear Sniffs Her Hair

July 23, 2020

A young hiker in Mexico definitely tested the limits in her life recently, when she found the courage to take a selfie with a bear just inches from her face.

The video was captured on a trail in the Chipinque Ecological Park. It shows the woman with a group of friends, standing as still as possible, while the black bear stands on its hind legs to sniff her hair.

Although black bears make their home in the park and this bear was tagged, the website is clear that this incident was unique.

"This type of approach by the black bear to the visitor is an abnormal behavior... the interaction shown in the video should have been avoided," the Chipinque Park website says.

"Chipinque is a protected natural area, home to wild flora and fauna, so the sighting of mammals is not unusual."

Although the young woman was uninjured, there was a scary moment when the animal appeared to get somewhat aggressive.

As the bear then begins to walk away, it turns back to the woman and makes a beeline for her.  He then takes a nibble, and even swings a paw at her leg before strolling off.

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