Family of 99-Year-Old Jokes ‘Marmalade Sandwiches’ Helped Her Coronavirus Recovery

April 6, 2020

A 99-year-old woman in the United Kingdom has recovered after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Her family is now giving a strange explanation of why she got healthier. "Great-grandmother's secret to beating Covid-19... marmalade sandwiches," a tweet from The Guardian reads.

Staff at her nursing home took care of Reynolds while also ordering end-of-life drugs to prepare for the worst. Her family was told to prepare for a funeral after her condition continued to worsen.

“I was certain that was it for her. She’s 99, so obviously she’s frail. I didn’t think there was any way she would recover from it. But she seems to have done it,” her grandson Henry Phillips said.

Phillips does not know how she recovered. He shared that his grandmother has never eaten a vegetable or fruit.

He joked that his grandmother lives on marmalade sandwiches and biscuits. Philips shared she also never smoked nor drank.

Reynolds was a driver during the second world war when she was 21-years-old. She also survived a bomb that landed outside her home in Liverpool, England, by hiding under the table. She refused to get in the “air-raid shelter” because she wanted to finish reading her book.

The 99-year-old woman is now looking forward to turning 100 in July.

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