Americans Can't Call the IRS About Their Stimulus Checks — Here Are Steps to Track Your Status

April 23, 2020

As stimulus checks are being sent to millions of people, many Americans still have unanswered questions about the status of their payments.

Unfortunately, if you want to call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about your stimulus check, you’re out of luck.

Taxpayers with questions about their stimulus checks will not be able to call and talk to IRS customer service representative about any issues they are having.

One of the first things visitors to the agency's web page about "Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments" will see is a simple instruction: "Do not call."

Why can’t you get the IRS on the phone? The organization has limited staffing where it doesn’t have any employees answer the phones.

The IRS explains that to protect its employees and the public, it is offering limited services for the time being. While callers will not be able to speak to a representative, the service is still operating an automated phone message where taxpayers can access some information.

Some may find here a specific line when calling the number, but the agency says it does not offer help in regards to stimulus check payments.

"IRS phone lines supported by customer service representatives for both taxpayers and tax professionals are not staffed at this time," the site reads. "To check on regular tax refund status via automated phone, call 800-829-1954. (This line has no information on Economic Impact Payments.)"

When you call the IRS’s 800 number, a voice says, “At this time, we are unable to provide live assistance due to reduced staff levels.”

The phone line also offers advice about scams and an automated message regarding tax refunds.

With no actual person to call at the IRS, the best option would be getting information from the IRS website. If you have a fundamental question about your stimulus check, who is eligible, you can head to the IRS FAQ page about your check.

In mid-April, the IRS also launched an online tracker portal for taxpayers to check on the status of their stimulus payments. You can take the following steps to check on yours.

How to track the status of your stimulus check through the IRS' online portal

1. Visit the IRS' Get My Payment page and tap the blue Get My Payment button to check the status of your economic impact payment.

2. When navigated to the next page about authorized use, select OK.

3. Enter your social security number (SSN) or individual tax ID (ITIN), your date of birth, your street address and your ZIP or postal code. Tap Continue.

4. If you receive the "Status Not Available" message, visit this page on the IRS' site that lists common reasons the service cannot retrieve your status at the moment.

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