Tiffany Haddish Discusses Her Positive COVID Test With Dr. Fauci: 'I've Been Tested 12 Times'

September 5, 2020

    Tiffany Haddish discussed her positive COVID-19 results with Dr. Anthony Fauci in a new video posted to her YouTube page.

    The actress and comedian gave the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases a play-by-play of her experience with the novel virus.

    “I was working on a movie and someone in the movie contracted coronavirus,” she told Fauci.

    She added: “I was not in direct contact with them, but they sent all of us home, we stopped the movie. They suggested I go get tested. I got tested, got the results back two days later, they said I didn’t have the coronavirus.”

    When another person she was in contact with tested positive, she got tested again.

    “Get the tests the second time. I’m not feeling any symptoms or anything, and it comes back like two days later, and they said I did have the coronavirus,” she explained.

    The “Like a Boss” actress said even though she was asymptomatic, she quarantined with her dogs because of the positive prognosis.

    “Then I went and tested again, didn’t have the virus, and then I got tested for antibodies, they said I had antibodies,” Haddish revealed.

    She explained that she’s been tested quite frequently out of an abundance of caution.

    “That was three months ago, I’ve been tested 12 times now because I’ve been working and everything.”

    She told Fauci that her results were all over the place as she tested positive for antibodies one time and negative the next.

    "Then I get tested again, no virus, and then I had them test me for antibodies again, and then they said I don't have any antibodies," she added.

    She then jokingly suggested that she’s “superhuman.”

    During the chat, Fauci underscored the importance of wearing a face mask and “physically distancing.”

    “Sit a certain distance away and avoid crowds,” he said. He also revealed that leading a “healthy life” would help boost an immune system better than any natural herbs.

    These positive health changes included getting “good sleep” and “exercise.”

    Fauci and Haddish also tackled the effects of the pandemic on the Black community and the odds of a vaccine.

    “I think particularly the African-American community, which over decades, historically, have suffered from being taken advantage of by medical community testing,” Fauci says. “We need to engage the community, to be very transparent, and tell them everything they want to know: exactly what’s in the vaccine, what the risks are, etc,” he explained.

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