Prisoner From Michigan Dies of Coronavirus Weeks Before Parole

April 20, 2020

A prisoner in Michigan has died from COVID-19 just several weeks before his parole.

William Garrison was sentenced as a juvenile and served almost 44 years of his sentence before contracting the deadly virus, reported the New York Post.

Garrison’s cellmate found him struggling to breathe on his own in their cell at Macomb Correctional Facility.

At just 16-years-old, he was charged with life in prison after a 1976 home invasion, which quickly turned into him killing a man.

After serving many years, in January 2020, his sentence was cut in half. He was offered the choice of an immediate release on parole or a release without parole in September 2020. Garrison chose to be released in the fall.

Chris Gautz, the Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman, stated Garrison’s issued a statement regarding Garrison's passing, noting that the staff of the prison went to the cell to “access prisoners” in the days before he died. It also reported that Garrison’s cellmate claimed that he didn’t suffer from any COVID-19 symptoms other than a cough.

Gautz allegedly reported that the post-mortem autopsy confirmed that Garrison did have COVID-19, but his cellmate tested negative.

The spokesman called the situation “unfortunate all the way around,” and said Garrison could have paroled earlier this year.

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